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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mom Gave Me a Job

Mom said I should start cleaning up my own mess starting with all my muddy paw prints and then she gave me this stupid brush. I don't know much about cleaning up mess. My speciality is creating mess, so I just ran around the garden making it look like I was doing something useful. I think they were fooled because they laughed and were obviously very happy to see me working at something useful.

Then they decided they wanted the brush back but I held on to it so they would think I liked cleaning.

I did this for quite a while so I would get a treat for all my work. Then finally Dad came and took the little brush back.

Below is a oicture of yours truly with Misty. She is called Mad Misty and looks a bit like me.

After all my work I went and snuggled down with Guga on the sofa that I ruined.

Guga is my best friend. He is teaching me all the macho things because the other house dogs are all a bunch of girls and just do girlie things. I'm learning to be a male so I need a role model. Guga is the perfect gentleman and he says he is going to teach me some manners. I wouldn't be to sure about that though!

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