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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's Mom's Birthday tomorrow

It's moms' birthday tomorrow. Here I am relaxing with Guga, Mom's gonna relax like that with dad soon,

I love my mom and dad just as much as I loved Emmy and love Guga. I am a happy boy. Mom says the humans that dumped me when I was just 2.9 kilos were nasty idiots. I agree with Mom. They didn't even have patience to see what a nice guy I am. I can be a pain in the you know what. I was gonna say ass but Emmy stopped me in time. I am so glad I ended  up here and left those stupid humans behind. I have been workig here. I will tell you all about it tomorrow.


Foley Monster and Pocket said...

I am glad you have found a great home and happy birthday to your Mom.

Katrin said...

They really were nasty idiots!!!!
I hope you will have the most wonderful birthday!!

Critters Galore and so much More....... said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom from all of us here!!
And those nasty people didn't deserve to have a great guy like you! We're SO happy you have a GREAT home where everyone loves you!