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Friday, June 15, 2012

New Dog Here

Hi! I had a great day I got to go out in the car. They said I was being taken out because they can't leave me in the house alone. They called me 'Mr Destruction' I don't know what that means, but it must be a compliment. We went to the city for Mom to sort out some paper work for the Charity Status. Mom says it's very close now. She says when this happens there will be hope for lots more street dogs. I am all for this because it sucks when you are dumped by humans. Emmy just told me not to say 'sucks' online. So, I take that back and I will replace it with 'it's not nice'. How come she sees everything? I can't get away with saying 'sucks'. Anyway! the new dog that doesn't even have a name yet is happier. She wagged her tail a lot today so we all wagged our tails too.  Mom managed to get all the porcupine quills out except one.

The last one is visible here and has a very small tip Mom thinks she broke off the rest of it so it is difficult to get. She is going to the vets Monday for spaying. I will be going too because I am Mr Destruction. That is the great thing when you are Mr Destruction you don't get left at home.

We also heard the bad news about Tupa the dog who had the terrible ear infection. He has been living with Dr Andre the vet who is going to help with the non profit when Mom gets going. he is a good human and loved Tupa. I only met him briefly but he was a nice dog. He died.  He came to Mom and Dad with an ear infection but had terminal cancer as well. He died in his sleep and ate well up until the end. He stole our dinners when he was here with us. He always had a big appetite and.we all laughed when Mom had to do two dinners again because he ate his own plus two more. RIP Tupa. He has gone to the same place as Emmy and she is looking after him. She told me herself before Mom even knew. Emmy knows everything that goes on. I am going to bed now I just stuffed myself and feel Goooood! Good Night.  

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love your page and congratulations on winning the contest. Care2 did a feature on my small refuge in Argentina too, which is being made homeless. It had an amazing response and we are now building a new refuge
Brian (rescueddoggies.com)