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Monday, June 18, 2012

Gemma the New Dog and Me

I'm back! I have been busy with some gardening and ridding the world of bugs. I eat a lot of bugs they taste real good. Some are chewy and they all have different flavors. I especially like the grass hoppers their legs are a bit tough, but you can always spit them out if you don't like them. On Sunday it was sunny here and I helped Dad with the garden. He mowed the lawn and I pruned a nice little three foot Pine tree. Here it is after I nearly finished. I know the humans were pleased because they said 'Oh no Joey look at what you did' They were really impressed. I looked at what I did and I knew that it was a good job. I got rid of all those nasty leaves and branches.

Pebbles just sat there watching.

She asked me if I was sure 'I knew how to prune trees?'

Sam said I did a great job and the garden would be so much better off without all those leaves. She was really impressed too. I think Trooper will be getting jealous soon because she looked on in awe as I worked.

 Trooper looked at me and then called me a 'little squirt'. He looked thoroughly bored with all my activity. He finally went back to his kennel and sat in a heap, muttering about me. 

After the gardening I went to lay down. Gemma the new dog here is very polite and quiet at the moment. We all start off like that until they fall in love with us then we can misbehave and get away with it. She just yawned like I was boring. Obviously she has no idea just how dynamic I am.

She seems to prefer Dad to me!

Mom says she has put on weight even though she has a case of the runs. She is getting better and now she gets chicken and rice. I am planning to have the runs too because I want the chicken and rice too. Maybe one of the bugs will do it for me.

Finally I just thought you should see this beautiful sky. My friend Emmy is up there watching over me and I still love her and miss her. Mom still cries sometimes and I do. I know I am a yob at times but I have feelings too.


Critters Galore and so much More....... said...

Quite the pruning technique you have there, Joey! We have a forty foot maple in the dog yard that Mom says has to go.... any advice for us? Its pretty darned big. We're all glad to hear that Gemma is doing so well! And, trust me, the runs aren't worth it.... eat a lizard tail and just throw up a little. You'll still get the chicken and rice! Hope that helped. Everybody take care. Love, Blossom

janeiro said...

Hi, Joeys Mom here. I can rent you out Joey for a week. I think I week should do it. He moves quickly. He is still after the chicken and rice gave him a little taster but think I made him worse. Lots of love to you all there.