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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oscar the Chained Dog

Mom and Dad have been running around like crazy this week and mom only played ball with me twice. It has also been raining non stop which also ruins my games. I tried to play ball indoors but there isn't enough space. I just chewed up mom's hairbrush so she isn't too pleased with me right now. I stole it from a cupboard and had a little chew and then left it on the bed and Jessie finished it off for me. Gemma had surgery so she can't have puppies. I was upset about this because I had plans for when I grow up but looks like my plans have been scuppered. Gemma screamed when dad left her at the vet clinic.

Here is Oscar arriving at the vet clinic.

He was not only starving he had well over 70 Bot fly larvae in him. he was in terrible pain and irritation from this.

Dr Andre had to shave all parts of him to remove them all and the poor guy even had one in his testicles. I cried about this. His face looked sad whilst he had to endure over an hour of treatment for the Bot fly larvae.

During his treatment he decided to give Dr Andre a kiss. I think he realised Mom and Dad and Dr Andre were all trying to help him. Since I saw this I run if I see these horrid flies. I don't want one in my privates.

Some humans are really bad and they left Oscar to get ill like this and they starved him as well. Mom knows this because they had exams done and he doesn't have any diseases. He just has anemia. Dr Andre said he needs to gain at least 10 kilos in weight or 22lbs because he is very very thin. The family could see him starving from their window, but still they didn't feed him. He will be well soon.

Well Mom and Dad have had a horrible month. Freddy and Trooper still have kennel cough. Pebbles is poorly. She was doing fine until she got the kennel cough. Now she is very down. Here is something to cheer you up. Me! Don't I look great.

Mom is going to enter a contest with my photos so I can become a super model like the Brazilian lady Gisele Bunchen. I will be different though I will help my fellow dogs in Brazil and I am prettier than her too.


Critters Galore and so much More....... said...

Poor little Gemma! She is just still insecure! Hope shes recovering quickly. Thank goodness ya'll rescued Oscar from those horrible people!!! He looks like such a sweetie. What a face! But you're still the handsomest guy around Joey!!! Good luck with the contest! we'll all be rooting for you>

Pixel Blue Eyes said...

Poor Oscar. He looks so brave even with all that. Mommy and I get astounded with the evils that some humans do, either by direct actions or inhuman inaction. My goodness, that is such a tough thing to deal with. Praying still for a full recovery for everyone. And Joey, you are doing one FANTASTIC JOB of being the voice for the blog. I love you!!!
Your forever friend, Pixel