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Monday, July 23, 2012


I am first blogging today about my invisible Angel friend Emmy. She is watching over us all here. Sarah Dowson http://www.sarahspetportraits.com/ donated a beautiful portrait of Emmy. Mom will be framing it so she can remember Emmy's face every day.I liked it too. I don't need a potrait to remember Emmy because I see her every day. She helps me with advice and tells me about growing up. Here is the portrait

She was a beautiful looking dog and everyone still misses her a lot. She is helping Mom and Dad to find the most urgent rescues. That is her mission in Heaven until Mom and Dad get there and then she will retire and play with them for eternity. At least that's what she told me. Well! on Sunday I broke my squeaky ball and Mom had to give me the last one because I get insecure without a squeaky ball in my mouth all the time and then feel compelled to eat hairbrushes and other stuff. So it's best I stick to my squeaky ball until Mom isn't looking then I can steal some other more exciting stuff to chew on. We are all preparing for Oscar the chained dog to arrive. He is still at the vet clinic. Dad visited him when he went to collect Gemma after her surgery. 

He still doesn't look so good after what those humans did to him. Mom says he will be beautiful soon but obviously never as beautiful as I am. Now that would be impossible. I will be a supermodel soon.


He liked Gemma, but I will be telling him very firmly that Gemma is my girlfriend. I saw her first! Dad took a video of Gemma screaming with excitement when he went to collect her from the vet clinic.

She got so excited she caused a real scandal. She was desperate to come home and see me. I have been working on my charming personality and thinking up new and exciting ways to impress the fur ladies. I decided to practice my charms on some of them here. First I dressed up as an Arab Sheik. I looked very handsome. Emmy said I looked like a foolish dog wearing a sofa cover, but then again what does she know? Guga laughed at me, I think he is losing it and going a bit senile. I looked devastatingly handsome.  

I then hid under a blanket to see if I was invisible. Pebbles didn't notice me so I think I have perfected that trick too.

She has been feeling better lately and has been sunbathing.

I went to speak to Jessie about my plans for the future with Gemma.

All she did was yawn. She didn't even respond. How rude!

Guga went o lay in the sun too. Seems like they all prefer the sun to me.

Then I decided to help with some carpentry when dad was making Oscar's new kennel. He was so glad I helped him.

Here is Oscar's kennel. We all walked over the wet cement and signed our names. Dad was really pleased.

We designed a real nice floor pattern for Oscar and Dad thanked us all. Trooper also did some sunbathing.

Well that is it for today. I have to go and help Mom and Dad. They are probably waiting for me right now. 



Ness said...

oh Joey, you funny little bean you.
If you want us bipeds out in the world to send you presents (that of course you will share you cheeky monkey) just say and I'm sure you'll be inundated with squeeky balls and treats galore, maybe a t-shirt or two even.
Be good and take care of everyone now as you're the big dog ok!
Ness xxx
licks and wags of tail from Smeegle

Critters Galore and so much More....... said...

Yes Joey, you are devastatingly handsome!!! But everyone here thinks that blue is your best color. It sets off your fur and eyes! Thats what you want to do, is to accentuate your positive aspects! And you have soooo many, you lucky dog, you!
No pun intended.
Everyone else is looking good.So nice to see Pebbles doing well. And Oscar has such a sweet face! Even after being treated so badly. He must be a kind old soul. Try to be nice to him when he comes home!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

YOu sure are helpful for one so young. Be well.