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Monday, July 2, 2012


Pebbles is still very ill. Mom is trying hard to get the medication for her but the nearest is three hours drive there and three back and the donations have to come in before she can spend their last centavos on the highly expensive medication. Emmy is trying to work a miracle from where she is and we are all praying she will survive a bit longer.  I feel very upset about it. Mom is giving her fluid in a tube at home. She has to take 1 liter a day to keep going but she is hardly eating. Last month was bad because we were all upset about Emmy and now Pebbles is so ill. I cried I know boys aren't supposed to cry but I couldn't help it. I saw tears in Mom's eyes and that was it.

She looked slightly better Saturday but has gone down since then again. She has become very thin.

Life is difficult here. Mom has spent a lot on her tests, her special food, her fluids, syringes and stuff and the two nights and three days she was in the vet's clinic. The Sun Super money is still tied up in the bank and Mom can't leave Pebbles alone for nine hours to go and sort out the first part of it. It's a three hour trip there and three hours back. This is the absurd situation in Brazil nothing can be done by telephone or e mail. They have the technology but refuse to use it. They make you travel hours and queue in lines to sort out everything. Well maybe by 2013 they will see the prize money. It is a very complicated country.So, our perimeter fence is still far away for us. Not a good week here at all.  

1 comment:

Jan's Funny Farm said...

That money is yours. To have it held "for ransom" is ridiculous. We sure hope you get it soon. We know you really need it.