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Saturday, July 7, 2012


Hi! Happy Saturday there! I am here again to tell you about Pebbles. Mom managed to buy the medication from a guy in Rio whose dog took it for a long time and died of old age. Yesterday the package with her medication arrived and she took her first pill last night and another one this morning. Then Mom and Dad gave her the fluids and she perked up a lot. First she ate, then she decided to go out for a walk. She went out three times already and she sat in the sun to watch Mom and Dad making dog houses for us.  Mom is very happy to see Pebbles on her feet after so long.  Here she is walking!

And here she is getting a tan in front of the huge dog house dad is making for the huge Tasha.

Here she is getting her fluids she will have to do this everyday probably for the rest of her life. She doesn't mind it and falls asleep sometimes. She told me it doesn't hurt.

Meanwhile we have all been getting to know little Gemma. I like her a lot and I think she is beginning to like me too. That happens with all the other dogs except it never happened with Emmy; she liked me immediately and the rest all hated me and then changed their minds when they saw what a nice guy I am. Can you recognise the handsome guy below with Gemma. She can't resist my charms. 

And here is another example of my charisma. I know just what to do to make the ladies laugh.

Then along came Guga and spoilt my fun.

He then pushed me off the sofa and sat with Gemma. I felt very irritated by all this.

I then pushed them both off the sofa and buried my head under the cover.

Gemma didn't take any notice of me at all so I rearranged myself into another pose. 

Gemma has been making herself very comfortable here. Now she thinks she is a coffee table ornament.

Worse still she has started stretching all over my sofa.

I had to show her who is the boss

Here is Misty she asked me not to publish her photo because she looks old but I didn't take a blind bit of notice!

These are some street dogs they don't have a sofa like me and don't get to sleep in bed with Mom and Dad. It's sad.

Here is Guga using my back as a pillow. I think he is getting his revenge.

here we are playing with Dad.

Well have a nice weekend everyone. I am the voice of the voiceless so Mom says. I do have a very loud voice though. You haven't heard me bark.  Remember to help all those dogs out there without sofas when you can. They will appreciate it.  

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