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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monday Here in Brazil

There has been a lot of activity here lately. Dogs have been going backwards and forwards to the Veterinary clinic. Mom says it's a good thing but I can't see it. Trooper and Freddy came back complaining of a pain in the private parts. The vet has been up to something. I haven't worked it out yet. I just know I don't want to go there. Emmy told me it's okay I won't miss my balls but I like my squeaky balls to play with. I am not sure what she is talking about but I want to keep my balls. Trooper was neutered, whatever that means. Emmy wouldn't tell me.

Dad was with him when they did whatever they did.
The Poodle that came to our house with the broken leg was there still. her name there is Bella. Dad brought her x rays home for mom to see. Her leg is pinned together with wire of some sort. Freddy was really pleased to be home as well. Even though he came home with a pain too. His is nearly better because he stayed there a few days. He also had a cyst on his back removed. All thanks to Sun Super Dreams.  
Pebbles has had some off days. She isn't getting better. Emmy says she won't and is waiting for her at a bridge somewhere. I saw a tear in Emmy's eye when she said this.
I am doing my best to keep her company and be nice to her. She is still taking fluids through a tube three times a day and a lot of medications.
Guga is also being exra nice to her.
Even Gemma looks worried and stayed close by to Pebbles.
Cassie and Little One missed Freddy because he was staying at the vets also having the mysterious neutering thing.
Little One really missed him. She sleeps on top of him to keep warm and comfortable.
During the week I got away with stealing a whole load of dog food and nobody saw me. I am getting good at it. It's my ability to be invisible at times.
I checked all around first to make sure no one was looking. I even checked outside because they spend a lot of time out there.
Then I decided on a nap. I had filled my belly to it's limit and needed to lie down.
Then Mom woke me up. I was not happy about that.
I then went off to the bedroom so she wouldn't disturb me again.
I fell asleep dreaming of John Travolta doing some moves. When I woke up Topi was out sun bathing.
and Mini
and Gemma was asleep on a chair.
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1 comment:

Critters Galore and so much More....... said...

Hey Joey! Jacob here! That neutering thing is what my Mama is talking about too! Ahulee tells me I won't miss them for long. I ask him "Miss what?" He just chuckles to himself. I think hes getting a little bit senile. (the cats taught me that word) Blossom just rolls her eyes and tells me I deserve it! Of course I do. I'm such a good dog I deserve all kinds of things!! And you too, huh? I get to go next Wednesday! I love going to the vets office. The people are so nice there. Well, good luck with your neutering too! And Mama says to tell you we are all keeping Pebbles in our prayers. And that she'll be all well once she gets to the Rainbow Bridge.