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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Daisy's and Sam's New Haircuts

I am back again today to moan. Mom sent Daisy and Sam somewhere to have haircuts because finally the competition money was released by the bank.  They came back smelling like humans. I wanted my haircut and Mom said I don't need a hair cut. Then I asked her when my hair would be growing long like their's and she said probably never because I am a short haired dog. Now that made me angry! What if I wanted to be a Hippy dog? I can't be a Hippy with short hair. It may detract from my new career as a superstar not being as versatile as Sam and Daisy. They have a choice; long hair or short hair. Well Daisy looked beautiful.

and she is wearing her Daisy collar.

Sam apparently got the learner groomer and did not come out as well as Daisy's cut.

Sam then went and sat down to wait for her fur to grow again.


So, I am glad they didn't practice on me nothing worse than a bad hair cut. Below is Oscar. He gets special food because he was starving and needs to put on weight. He is pretty good at wolfing down his food. I told mom I wanted what he has and she said I wasn't starving so I have to make do with the same food as all the others, which really isn't right for a superstar. Please keep voting for me whenever you can. I need more votes to start my career.  Below are some superb new shots from my portfolio. Mom says I am looking like ScoobyDoo now. He must of been one Hell of a dog!


His head hasn't grown though-- just his body.

Here is me looking like the Scooby Doo character.

and one more. These are two of my more serious poses.

Pebbles wasn't very well for a couple of days with her Renal problems but picked up today. We all for so sorry for her. She is fighting to stay alive a bit longer. Emmy says she will look after her when she gets up there. Emmy says she has quite a few friends waiting for her. Pebbles always played  with Emmy as a puppy. They were special friends. She also knew Harry very well.

Here is Gemma enjoying a moment on Dad's lap.

And here she is enjoying a moment with me.


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