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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Super Star

I have been quite upset all week because I didn't win the Canine Superstar competition. I really can't see why not it's only barking obvious that I am super star material. I blame mom for not getting me the blue contact lenses because I may have won if I had the blue eyes. They completely overlooked all my talents my dancing and howling a tune, my ability to become invisible and my stunning good looks. I don't know what happened must of been some of those stupid humans voting for other dogs and not me. I was also disappointed for Mom because I was going to give her my prize money to look after dogs like Hope who arrived last week from the vet clinic where she had been staying for quite a while because she was neglected by humans. Mom has taken her in. She can't walk and has lots of problems (that's Hope not Mom).

She looked a lot happier than when she was taken there and she certainly smelt a lot better. I am not one to complain but her perfume was not my favorite.

She has skin problems, ear problems, can't walk, pressure sores, tumors, anemia and cysts.

She might look so great but she is extremely happy to escape from her old existence where she was left lying in poo and urine. The humans just didn't care about her at all. One of them was going to hit her head with a spade and kill her. Dad told them he would prosecute them if they did. What sort of humans are these? That is why Mom had to take Hope in before they killed her.  Meanwhile I am still dreaming of become a dancing dog one day.
It's so easy I can do it with my eyes shut. I am a natural just nobody of note has noticed me yet. I will get discovered one day though. I am teaching my girlfriend Gemma. Here we are doing a canine Tango.

I got a lucky break this week the incredibly handsome and blue eyed brother of Skye isn't coming here anymore. He got adopted by some nice people and will be living quite near here. I just couldn't stand the competition  I am the handsome guy here and there isn't room for two of us or his blue eyes.  

Here he is at the vet clinic with his new Mom. 

Here I am asleep. I am incredibly handsome awake or asleep. 

Now Guga on the other hand could do with some cosmetic enhancement. I was thinking of fur tint to hide the white fur, dentures to replace his gummy smile and glasses so he could  look cooler. Hope just got back from the vet clinic so I will go and see how she is right now. Joey Travolta signing off in Brazil

1 comment:

chandra said...

Joey don't be upset you KNOW you're a super star and we all know it, too!

There is a special, terrible place waiting for the people whose neglect of beautiful Hope has left her in the condition. I'm grateful that she's in the care of your pack now. Let Mom know I just made my monthly donation!

That photo of Guga is hilarious! Love you Guga man, exactly the way you are. No cool shades required!

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years