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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Hi! Mom is letting me blog today. A lot has been happening here lately. First of all they put a fence right around the front of the garden. I wasn't so pleased about this because it will put an end to my clandestine trips out into the world. I had quite a few canine friends that I was visiting off and on. 

Now I can only bark at them through the fence. No more sniffy, sniffy. No more mom and dad  chasing me and screaming my name as I sprint down the road. The end of an era for me. I earnt a bit of street cred but it's all over now. I decided instead to get into art. There is a British artist called Tracy Emin who exhibited at the Tate gallery and was nominated for the Turner Prize for creating a messy bed, her bed was taken from her home exactly as it was unmade and strewn with litter around it, so my first project was a recreation of this. Here it is.  

I am awaiting my nomination for a Turner Prize to arrive in the post. I left my toy in the bed too just to add that extra touch of class. Tracy Emin left her worn underwear strewn around but, of course, as I don't wear underwear I couldn't do that. I did try to steal some of Mom's but she caught me in the act and I had to put it back. Hope the new dog is still here. She still can't walk but she is a bit better. She goes backwards and forwards to the vet clinic every week. Here she is after her acupuncture. 

She also had to have her ears seen too. She is an old girl and has been badly abused by some rotten humans.

Humans think if there is a problem and they stab it with a needle that will cure it. I just don't get it!

Dad gave Trooper a cuddle and I saw him stick his tongue out at me. I don't think he likes me very much. Mom and Dad thought it was cute. How stupid is that? It was a total insult and he looked right at me as he did it!

Sam just sat in the corner watching and said we were both being juvenile. I will have to look that word up. 

All my blogs have a picture of me and my girl. Here is one more. She really loves me and who can blame her. Only the barking mad can't see the attraction. 

Oscar has grown a lot so I quit teasing him for my own safety. 

 I still think something should be done about those wrinkles.  

Now the garden is all fenced the small compound has gone and the kennel garden on one side of the house has been made larger. The dogs there all liked the idea and came out to sniff the new garden. 

That is Gracie at the front. There is also Cassie, Pluto, Topi, Daisy and Freddy in the picture. 

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