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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Since I last posted here another new dog has arrived. Her name is Xana. Skye's kennel has been finished and she moved into it. Hope has been practicing walking and trying hard. Mom spent all the money we had left on fencing and Hope's acupuncture and then went into panic. Humans are so silly they invented money to make themselves miserable. Us dogs don't need money. I once chewed up a ten Reais note and Mom nearly cried over a piece of paper. I think I now understand why. Emmy explained it all to me. No money equals no food. Now that's bad. I understand that. I didn't realize that the humans swap paper for dog food and they call humans the most intelligent species? I don't think so! Anyway here are some pictures from the last week. I couldn't blog earlier because Mom is always busy. Here is a video to start with of Hope trying to walk. She needs a lot of help. I asked Emmy to ask up there where she is to give Hope the strength to walk. Poor old girl deserves a break after all the abuse she suffered.

and here are some pictures of her.

She can't walk yet but she is much happier being clean and fed. She said she lost the will to live because her life was so horrible. She was chained in a filthy kennel paralyzed and covered in her own mess. Now when she wants a poop she just barks and Mom and Dad  take her out. 

Check out her smile. She said she hasn't laughed in years. This is the beginning of her new life.

Even if she doesn't walk Mom says she will get her a cart and she will have some fun. Everyone deserves a bit of fun. 

 Here is Daisy another dog that could hardly walk when she arrived. She looks awesome now. She is very bossy though. Shame she just pooped and posed in front of it. Some dogs have no class!

This is Freddy and Cassie. They were really hot in this weather. 

It's 93 in the shade so we have all been drinking gallons of water.

I like Topi he has class. he doesn't care what anyone thinks about his eccentricities. He doesn't pose near poop. He only talks to the ones he likes. He ignores the dogs he doesn't like and then goes away and chuckles to himself.

Mom still won't get me the blue contacts!

But hey! I am so handsome I don't need them.

I must be handsome cos I got a girl friend like this.

Here is the majestic Oscar. He is asleep with a fly on his head. Not quite so majestic here. I bet he snores too!

Well! I admit he looks good here. No flies on him!

Here I am. Posing on the table.

Here is the new girl now called Xana.

She is really old. she is between 13 and 14 years old. Mom has to take in three more dogs from the same place as her and doesn't have the resources yet to do it.

Xana came full of Bot flies and had to go to the vets for antibiotic injections

She is a lot happier now.

I always finish my blog with Me and My girl. Here we are. Just one more special pic for you.

Me and Emmy I miss her so much. I know I talk to her but I want to play with her.

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Jan's Funny Farm said...

Your mom & dad are so devoted and hard-working. We wish things would get easier for you all.