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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. I have nearly been here with Dogs in Brazil one whole year. The 5th of January is my rescue day birthday. I will be around one year and five weeks then. Nobody knows the exact date I was born on. When I first arrived I looked like this.

I got my name because Joey is what they call Kangaroos in Australia and I had to be carried around in a bag all day because I screamed if I was left alone. I just didn't want to be abandoned again.

You could already tell at this tender young age how handsome I was going to be. Mom called me ET for a while. I don't know why?

I got to sleep on the bed and play with the other dogs. I loved it and couldn't bear the thought of being thrown out again. Anyway! then I grew up and became the Canine superstar that I am today. I am talented and handsome and best of all I get to blog about Mom and Dad's rescue shelter for all the unfortunate dogs they find here. I help keep everyone amused even when they are all sad. Emmy says I am good at that. 

Guga had is celebration adoption day on the 30th of December too. He has been with Mom and Dad two years now. He didn't get the dentures or grey hair remover that I ordered from Santa. I am not sure why not.  
We all waited up on Christmas Eve for Santa to come. We waited at the door because there isn't a chimney here. 

He finally did turn up the next day and we all got a dog treat. We were all very happy and Hope was singing Christmas Carols. 

I also wrote to Santa about new haircuts for Sam and Daisy who are having regular bad hair days. 

They don't seem that bothered by their bad haircuts. 

Casper has been adjusting well and will soon be bossing us all around. She has put on weight and she is the fastest dog here. She can even run faster than me and I can run fast!

Xana got a new elevated bed for Christmas. 

Here is Freddy. Mom said to include him because he looks gorgeous here.

Little One peeked out of her house for a while on Christmas day. She is very shy.

Here is me and my girl Gemma.

 and my girl Gemma alone.

She adores me. Skye just gave me a funny look when I said that? Funny I never noticed what a big mouth she has before that....

Nicky also looked at me strangely!

Sol said she worries about me. (Something about my mental health????)

Cassie was talking to Mom in a whisper and I kept hearing the word 'Shrink'and 'half mad'

Mom told them not to all worry about me it's just the way I am. So here is how I am lately.

Here I am relaxing with my girl. She finds me attractive wearing my blanket.

She giggles a lot when I do this.

Being Bonkers is great! You humans should try it! Well Happy New Year from all of us here. If you can help Mom and Dad save dogs then please do this. We are all worth it. Mom says we are all Angels! Emmy and Pebbles are real Angels now. We are just earthly Angels. Emmy said I should enjoy myself whilst I am a puppy and that's what I do best. Emmy told me to tell everyone that used to read her Blog to say 'Happy New Year'  from her too. We wish she could be here to say it herself. 


Lydia Sugarman said...

Joey, you're quite a story teller!

georgia little pea said...

Dear Joey, happy birthday! Looking at the funny picture 3rd from top, I'm going to make a wild guess why your human called you ET. BWAH haha! It is a classic.

All the best for the year ahead. Hopefully not too much drama and with less or no dogs to rescue. Wouldn't that be great? Abracos X

dog groomer new york said...

Very insightful - thanks.