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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Visitor from the USA

Hi! I am back. Mom's been busy as usual so I haven't been able to blog. It's been raining a lot here and that makes a lot more work for her. We put our muddy paw prints everywhere and she cleans them and then we do it again. She went crazy cleaning our paw prints off walls and other places because a visitor was coming from America. Daisy got a hair cut and we all got a good brush and toe nail clip for the event. His name was Jeff and he came and said 'Hello' to all of us. Guga liked him a lot and everyone stared in awe as we don't get many visitors here.  He took some pictures of us and Gemma jumped on his lap. Mom has an auction going on Facebook to help Casper and her brother and his friend. They are waiting to join Casper here when Mom and Dad can get a kennel fixed for them. Mom is also trying to find a larger place to move us all to. It's not easy because nobody really wants to let a property to someone who has 26 dogs. Not that we do any destruction-- well not much. I actually improve properties by irrigated the soil with large holes and then I am an expert at tree pruning. I keep the trees and plants in order by biting off any new shoots and some existing branches that need to disappear. Then some of us males water the plants with high Nitrogen urine which the plants love. I don't understand what humans have against us inhabiting their properties. Gemma and I got late Christmas presents  I got a fluffy pig and Gemma got a fluffy Walrus. We also got treats to eat which  Mom made us share with the others. Here are some of the pictures I took for you to see. First me and my girl playing our game. Gemma started this time first. Whoever goes first wraps themselves in the sofa cover. 

Then the other one has to get them out and then we reverse roles. Here I am wrapped.

Gemma is doing her best to get me out.

 It's not easy and takes a lot of canine skill. She is pulling hard at the cover but I am fully in control of the situation.

The trick is to wrap yourself very well in a knot. Gemma hasn't quite got the hang of that part yet. 

I tease her a bit from under the cover and tell 'Come on! Come and get me'. 

She goes crazy when I taunt her like this.

 I always win and decided to make it a bit easier for her.

Daisy had a new hair do and special things stuck in her hair. I almost wished I had long hair like her.

 Mom had to take the ribbon out because there was a good chance Cassie of Freddy would try to eat them. She came back smelling like a human and all clean and brushed. It lasted all of two days because she has been rolling in the mud again. 

When Freddy saw Daisy he couldn't stop laughing and fell flat on his face in the mud. 

Jeff wasn't the only visitor this week a horse stopped by too when he saw how beautiful Daisy looked his eyes nearly popped out. 

Gracie couldn't believe it. A huge smile spread across her face and she went to tell Pluto.

Daisy is such a scruffy dog that nobody could believe it. We just all looked on in awe. We never knew she could look so pretty.

After she told Pluto she went to tell Cassie

Cassie was flabbergasted and just stared . Oscar was just in complete shock and couldn't understand why anyone would put silly stuff in her hair. He is a bit of an oaf and doesn't understand the finer elements of life!

Guga got up as well. He wanted to see her new hair do too. 

By that time it was dinner time so Dad started making our dinners.

  When Dad has to leave the dishes unattended then Guga guards them.

Here he is keeping an eye on the food. He think we might steal some. As if.........

1 comment:

Foley Monster and Pocket said...

My gosh you have a lot going on. I loved the pictures and your game it looks like fun. Most of all I admire the spirit of your parents. Wishing them all the luck and good fortune in the world.