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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Carnival is Over

Finally Mom let me do a blog. The Carnival came and went without much difference here to us. Life for all of us here is much the same. It's seven days a week work for Mom and Dad and for us play, eat sleep and wait for the next dog to turn up. There is always one more and it normally doesn't take long for Mom to have to save one more. Poor old Guga has cystitis again and mom is giving him pills and weird red flakes called 'Cranberry' flakes. Ben has had an eye infection but he is better now that mom put ointment in his eyes for a week. Nina has settled in and turning into quite an athletic old dog sleeping on a table by the window. It upset me a bit because I like to look out of this window and now all I can see is the back of her head when I want to see what is going on. 

 I asked her politely to move. How is a guy supposed to see what's going on when all he can see is her black butt?

She turned around looked me in the eye and said 'Go away' but not as politely as that. She said she was waiting for an important call.

I told her 'with ears like that you don't need a telephone you can here everything for miles around'. She yawned and went to sleep. I was quite shocked. What a way to treat a nice guy like me. I only wanted to see out of the window a little. I will be plotting my revenge. Meanwhile I got promoted to be a food monitor here. I help Guga keep the rest at bay during meal preparation times. I am pretty good at this task even though I say it myself. 

Here I am with Guga. I patrol the area well. Guga is watching Nina and I have an eye on Jessie in case she is tempted to try and sneak some food away.

This is my look out spot. I am the food sentry.

Sometimes I hide camouflaged under the table ready to strike if there is any dissent.

Guga watches the front lines.

If you take your eyes off them for a second then they break ranks and attack the food.  

Sometimes I just herd them all inside and make them form an orderly queue. They have those in England Mom told me that.  

Here are three of them in the queue. It's hard work but I enjoy it. The other dogs laugh when they see me in action.

Pluto always laughs at me!

Even grumpy old Daisy likes watching me do my new job. I got a great picture of Skye and her blue eyes. I made them turn red. I laughed a lot and she got quite mad.

Next thing I knew she tried to knock the camera from my paws with her paw.

Trooper had a good laugh at this.

The camera Hit me in the eye. I wasn't very pleased.

I decided to go hide under my blanket. Guga was nearly asleep tired from dinner patrol

He watched me rush past heading for my blanket

Then I took cover and hoped that the angry Skye wouldn't find me.

Of course she didn't it is one of my magic tricks. I do a few. Here is another.

One day I will tell you how I do it! Now finally Me and my girl.

1 comment:

Foley Monster and Pocket said...

Wow. Food monitor. What an impressive position. You are doing a great job.