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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Part two New Dogs

I am back to tell you about three new dogs that arrived here last week. First came two dogs together. One is Casper's brother. They have been waiting in an empty property for a long time to come and join us here. Mum and Dad saved six dogs from this property. One got adopted and five are here. They were all old except for Skye and her brother. Here are the first two.

Mom called these two Bill and Ben. Caspers brother looks just like Casper except in reverse coloring.

Skye and Ben know each other from the empty house where they all were. 

There has been some really bad weather here and Mom had to bring the three of them indoors during a big storm because they were so frightened. Here they are the three Musketeers AKA Bill, Ben and Casper. They slept in the house that night, which made it ten in the house. Not counting the two humans. 

Bill can run very fast just like Casper. I have to be careful what sort of tricks I play on those two because there is a chance they can catch me. Ben is a lot slower so no worries there. He is very nervous still and hasn't got used to my madness yet. Here is Ben

and here is Bill. 

Everybody was very excited here. We felt like we already knew Bill and Ben because Casper had told us so much about them. The three of them had a reunion and are now together. They all sleep in the same house and on the same bed. Casper was missing her family so it was really good to see them together again. 

Gracie barked a big welcome to them and then Pluto and Gracie had their own party. They never invited me though!

Cassie got an invite too!

Sam didn't because they said she was too muddy and Pluto doesn't like anything to do with the mud. That is probably why they didn't invite me because I am usually covered in mud.

Sam is usually muddy like me.

Gemma loves mud too and just look at my legs. Mom loves it when i come in like this. 

Here is the wimp Pluto who hates the mud just look at his face.

Oscar also doesn't like the mud and got quite upset when I told him it would help clear up his wrinkles

Then a bit later in the week another dog arrived unexpectedly. We heard Mom talking to someone on the telephone about an abused dog and mom told us to be nice to her. She has been beaten, kicked, punched and finally they tried to strangle her, which is why someone who witnessed all this called mom and dad. Her name is Nina. Her owner went to hospital and they say she will never come out. Poor Nina was left with some very nasty humans. 

She is also old and nervous. 

 She was very happy to get away from the man that beat her. Mom said when the man went to get her she peed on herself twice. The man told mom and dad 'She does that because she likes me so much'. Anyway I like Nina a lot. I have my sofa and she is going to get an armchair all to herself. 

Finally here is Trooper wishing everyone a Happy Weekend. 


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