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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Puppies and Worries

Sometimes Mom gets very depressed because every time they think they are getting on top of the situation and all the stuff we need here something bad happens. Today it was the car, which has something called a head gasket problem broke. It now has to go to a special place to be fixed. She needs something called donations to help with this problem because it will cost a lot. Meanwhile I have to tell you that more dogs arrived. Four more to be exact. They were going to be abandoned because their owner was moving and wouldn't take them. They already lived like abandoned dogs roaming free and dodging traffic. Dad had to pick them off the road and drive them home more than once. I watched them arrive. This was the first one. They called him Charlie.

He is quite thin.

Mom has already vaccinated him. Mom thinks he is this little fellows dad but we can't be sure.

 This little guy now called 'Dougal' arrived weighing just four kilos and had a mild eye infection, which is now better. Mom has vaccinated him too. They have all had worm medications and stuff for fleas. He has big ears. I think his ears account for at least a kilo of his weight. I asked him if he could fly?

He said he could fly and then took off!

So far nobody wants to adopt Charlie or Dougal. He feels sad because he wants his own family and he is just a baby. Mom says he is probably around ten weeks old and still wants to suck mom's finger because he misses his mom. Nobody knows who his mom is or where she is. 

This is another young puppy that came with the four. His name is Kipper. He has been adopted by someone in Canada and will be flying there soon. I heard about all the cold, white, powder they have there. They call it 'snow'. Mom says he will have a lovely life there and has a family waiting for him. 

This is Meg she is also a very young dog and came with the other three. She is also going to the place called Canada with all the snow.

The new dogs all make a lot of noise. They play all day like me, Gemma and Val.

All the other dogs wanted to meet the new puppies and sniff them. 

Dad built the new puppies a kennel. It isn't finished yet. 

Mom and Dad also saved this little kitten as well. He was adopted the same day. 

Nicki has been ill since her surgery. Her stitches split open and I couldn't even look it was horrible. I was very worried. Mom and Dad had to rush back to the vet clinic with her and she got sewn up again. 

Poor Nicki had to have a breast removed and has been wearing the awful plastic thing on her head since the first surgery. I can't look when mom cleans it because it has opened up again in two places. It makes me feel faint. The vet says it will heal. We just have to wait. 

Meanwhile there is another new dog coming here. She was found in the streets and has been waiting for two months for a new home at the vet clinic but so far hasn't had any luck. Mom and Dad are going to bring her here where she will join the puppies running around in their new kennel. 

This is her nose! She is beautiful. (Don't tell Gemma I said that) 

Guga seems better but also seems deaf as a post. I have to shout in his ear to get his attention.

Sol is on another diet. Mom told me and I had to turn away in case she saw me laughing!

I had a bit of trouble with the toys that were sent. You see they are all mine but the others don't understand this. I don't know why? What's there to understand? 

I had another bit of trouble because I wanted to sit on Dad's lap but I don't seem to fit so well anymore.

Then I had a bit more trouble. Val stole my blanket.

Obviously I had to sort that out quickly.

Oscar found something funny about all the trouble I had this week. 

Now Me and My girl sunbathing.

1 comment:

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Nice to see you all. You've been busy there and have lots of new faces. Hope things work out quickly with the car.