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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Joey's Back

Hi! I am back again. Mom finally has time to oversee my blog. She says I can't blog alone because I am bound to write something silly. Huh! We have had a lot of stuff going on. First of all we had a visitor from Finland, which is far away and apparently very cold. We all liked the new person and thought she was going to stay permanently. We were quite disappointed when she went back to her country.

We all tried to sit on her lap even Guga had a go, but he just couldn't manage it at his age. Gemma and Val spent most of the ten days sitting on the visitor's lap. She cut our nails, well not mine as I get a professional manicure because I am a star. She brushed our fur and helped Mom and Dad. During the week dad and our new auntie rescued a dog. He was in the street looking very sad and thin.

He is a bit bald due to mange and has white socks. Mom says he will be beautiful soon. He has been badly treated and shakes a lot. He is still very quiet, so we haven't found out much about him yet.

Mom and Dad are trying to get him well at the moment and then maybe he will play with us. Daisy who was beginning to look like a punk rocker got a haircut. She looked totally different when she got home.

Ben had a tumor removed from his mouth. Poor old guy is waiting for the results of a biopsy.

Dad watched the surgery.

 Getting old is not so much fun.

Guga is also not very well and will be having an ultra sound to find out what is wrong with his private parts. He isn't too happy about this. Personally after my experience with Dr Andre and my private parts I wouldn't be too happy either. I only know this classified information because I was on guard duty behind the door whilst Guga and Nicki were talking about it.

So 'Mum' is the word.

Nicki is recovering from surgery too. She had a tumor in her breast and had to have her breast removed. The new puppies are very noisy and the two that got adopted are leaving on Monday for Canada. I will visit them one day. I just need to sort out my passport first and buy a suitcase for my blanket.

Kipper the black and tan pup got adopted and Dougal didn't. I think it is because his ears are so big. People are calling him 'Gizmo'.

Dougal will miss Kipper when he leaves on Monday

I don't know why they bought him a plane ticket? He could run to Canada quite quickly. 

This pup is called Charlie. Mom hasn't found anyone to adopt him either. He was a bit thin but his ears are okay so I don't know why?

This is Meg she is going to Canada too. She had surgery too.   

They put a cone on her head. 

This is me in case you didn't recognize my butt. I am learning Capoeira.

and although I say it myself I am pretty good at it.

Val and Gemma have taken up jogging together.

Gemma likes to keep herself in shape for me.

 Val just likes the run.

 Pluto is still thinking about some sort of keep fit but he is too lazy to start.

Here we are having fun with a blanket. me my girl and Val.

Here is Skye and her blue eyes.

and finally me. Soooo handsome. Those girls in Canada will be falling head over heels!


Jan's Funny Farm said...

What a great report, Joey! It was so nice to see the photos and find out how you're doing. We hope the two adopted dogs have a safe flight to Canada.

Maggie Winter said...

May goodness they are looking good, well done. How's the house hunting going, hope you are settled. Can I ask what you use for mange I have one dog and I just can't get rid of it, the poor girl, been to the vet tried a few things but not seeing any change,so wondered what you used as all your dogs look spot on. thanks:)

janeiro said...

Maggie so sorry it took so long to reply. I only just noticed the comment. I usually inject with Ivemec and give baths with soap especially for mange as well. Ivemec isn't good for certain breeds though. Need to use with care. there are two types of mange. Do you knopw which type she has? One type doesn't have a cure. Sometimes mange is a secondary problem that appears because the immune system is down. there is an immune booster called Increvigor that really helps to. It is injectable. Unfortunately I can't get it here. Thanks for commenting.