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Thursday, November 25, 2010

No Hope, No comments, no contributions!!!!!!No hearts

Mom and Dad got turned down for their business loan today, so they are stranded penniless in brazil with us 14 on their backs. mom is crying. The bakery is not making money because dad can't  buy stock for it. We don't know what will happen next. Dad is too old to go back to England and work. He probably would not get a job anyway. Mom has health poblems so we are all stuffed! Dad nearly cried when he realised that when we close the bakery at the end of the month then he will have to leave his three street dogs who now depend on him for food. Two of them are really old. The Bakery is 40 kilometeres from where we are. Oh no! mom has started crying agan. It was incredible that not a soul in the whole wide world made a single contribution to help us here. Dad says it is because we are in Brazil and the whole world thinks Brazilians are bandits, but mom and dad are not Brazilians only us dogs are. Mom said anyone could visit and verify the situation if they were interested enough.  Well we will be gone soon Mom said the time is nearly up for them to cut the telephone and internet. They gave Mom 45 days to pay the bill, but of course our food took priority and Riquinho is still in the vets very ill running up yet another bill. Up to yesterday it was 270 reais and he still is not eating. Mom thinks he will probably die because he is very old.. Nothing goes right here. Plans never work out just like us dogs. We plan to have decent owners that love us but for the most part here in Brazil that is just a dream.

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