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Friday, March 11, 2011


If you look carefully in this fruit tree you can see one of the little critters that drive us crazy. They steal mom and dad's bananas, they eat the bird's eggs and chicks and they once managed to decapitate a quail. We all want to get them, but they move very fast and hardly ever come down from the trees. Sam goes hysterical and screams like somebody is murdering her every time she sees one.
   Here she is watching this one on the roof.

Sam is watching this monkey hoping it will fall. Why don't they ever fall?

Sam has her mouth open just in case one does.  

It has been a quieter week for Mom and Dad and us because of all the rain. Mom and Dad have been around locally and there are a lot of dogs here in the streets. They hang round the supermarket and beg for food. Its a hard life on the streets. We never heard anymore regarding the old stripey dog, so we will never know. Dr Bruno just had a difficult weekend at the shelter. He got bit on the behind by a dog. I guess vets are always at risk from our very sharp teeth and hey! find me a dog who likes vets! I just see that uniform and I start shaking. The only one here who likes the vet is Freddy and that is because he is a bit stupid! Mom is going to start her campaign again to save our home and they are examining the possibilities of trying to make money in the third world. Not an easy task!


georgia little pea said...

Poor Dr Bruno! Is that a custard apple tree?

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, you have monkey problems. We didn't even think about bananas or monkeys there. Glad you mentioned them so we can learn more about you.

The poor vet. That must have hurt!

We wish you well in your efforts to save your home.

chandra said...

Oh, no, poor Dr. Bruno! We hope he's okay ... maybe he should have had Sam protecting him. She looks like she could hold her own ... but she's very cute, too!

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years