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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The lil Black Pup

A while back Mom and Dad found three puppies left on a rock in the river to die. They rescued them and then took them to an adoption event where they all got adopted. The Lil black pup's adoption was quite something because the young lady who wanted to adopt her had to convince her parents to let her have the dog. She was very determined and spoke for half an hour on the phone. She cried as well.

All through the telephone call she would not let go of the pup.

She is still crying here.

 Then suddenly Mom and Dad agreed and a huge smile broke over her face.

We wondered how they got on and finally got the good news that Moa, which is now the pups name, is happy and loved.  She has grown up a lot. Here are some recent pictures of her. Her new owner says she has brought the whole family closer together and they all love the dog. 

So Moa is happy and that makes us all happy here.

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