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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Lil White Pup All Grown Up!

Remember this lilttle pup? She was one of the three found in the river on a rock. She was donated at the adoption event and then rejected by the new owners who thought she had mange. Mom knew she didn't. She just had a few thin hair spots where the ticks, lice and fleas had been irritating her before they treated her. She was then taken by mom and dad's friend to a vet and tested for mange, which proved negative. She has  been in her new home several weeks and everybody loves her. The lady that has her is a volunteer in Teresopolis as well, although she lives in Rio. She has two other dogs from the disaster last January. They are all getting on well. Dad visited her in the lady's weekend house in Teresopolis.

She has grown a lot since this picture here in mom and dad's dog kitchen. The created chaos here for a few weeks and we all wanted to meet them and play. They screamed for there food every few hours and peed all over. We all laughed at lot. They even peed on Dad's leg. Here she is now.

Her ears grew an awful lot! She has bigger ears than me! This is a sign of beauty in the dog world!

Her name is now Lara and we all think she is incredibly beautiful.

She remembered Dad and this time she didn't pee on him. Her nose went blacker like the other pup as she got older. Her ears came up. The used to be floppy little ears. Mom and Dad were very happy to know she is going to have a good life and be loved. She played a lot with Dad during the visit. They still have to find out about the little puppy who had the heart shaped blotch on her nose. They know she is okay but haven't got any pics yet. Meanwhile Mom is putting everything in boxes and says we have to move. We aren't looking forward to that. Apparently we all going to have to travel in a truck or something like that.   


Monaco said...

she got so beautiful! Lucky girl...

Foley Monster and Pocket said...

We are so happy for Lara. We are suckers for stories with a happy ending. Hope your Daddy's leg has dried.

chandra said...

Oh, the pups are SO beautiful! They have you to thank for their health and happy lives! Bravo!

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years