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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Canine Superstar (That's Me)

Hi! I am now a Canine Superstar and have 162 votes so far. Mom has made a portfolio of my best shots which I am going to post her for you all to admire. Everybody says I am sooo cute. I am too! My best feature is my snout followed by my belly.

I have been studying Super model poses and think I am doing quite well. I told Emmy she just laughed and kissed my head. I learnt to cutely wrinkly my nose and I think the humans really like it. If, I win the competition I will give the prize money to my mom because I don't need money. I just need food and squeaky balls, toys and lots of love and  I am happy.  I have been very nice to Pebbles after Emmy told me off. Pebbles is much better now.

 I am sharing my sofa equally with her. It's proportional because I am bigger. I showed her my beautiful belly to cheer her up. She smiled at me.

This is the beautiful photo of me that Mom put in the competition. If you all want to vote for me the link is above at the top of the page.

and another one of a budding Super star.

Pebbles is right behind me in my quest for a new profession and can't wait for me to go on the world tour. She said the sofa would be much more comfortable without me.

Meanwhile I have been using my charms to get closer to Gemma and I managed to share a bed with her. She really is getting to like me a lot. I knew she would in the end. She couldn't resist.

Mom said I should show some of the others so here is a dog with a bad haircut.

She has a kinda cute face under all that hair but she looks like a mop. She needs some lessons in grooming so she can present a Super model image like me.

Here is Panda and she is way too old to be a Supermodel

and here is Tasha sitting by the sand. Tasha is quite cute but not as cute as me.

Her pink house got finished and she was happy about that. We all live in pink houses even mom and dad.

Pebbles and Gemma together.

I am still letting Pebbles abuse me.

Sol laughed about that. I make everyone here laugh.

Mom and Dad will be collecting Oscar this week. Dad was working on his pink house today. We all can't wait to meet him. Mom told me to tell you all to donate, or send blankets, or any other dog stuff we can use. Especially squeaky balls for me. When I am famous I will be available for autographs and guest appearances so contact me now as there will be a queue.


Critters Galore and so much More....... said...

Did I read the rules correctly? I can vote for Joey up to 10 times per hour?
And we all LOVED the superstar poses! Good luck! And we'll be voting every day.

janeiro said...

Yep I think you can vote repeatedly for Joey. He really wants to be a superstar. Hope I don't have to cook special meals and wait on him hand and foot if he wins. (Joey's long suffering Mom) He will probably start demanding fillet mignon and French wine!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Best of luck in your supermodel quest, :)