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Sunday, August 5, 2012

A New Dog Arrived Called Oscar.

I was having a quiet week practising my poses and superstar stuff when a surprise turned up here. Dad went out and he took Nicki with him and was gone quite a while. When he came back he had Nicki and another dog with him. I recognized the other dog because I saw him two weeks ago I couldn't forget him because he was very thin and looked quite miserable. We were all coughing with kennel cough at the time. Well dad drove in took Nicki out of the car and I watched through the window. The new dog is very strange. He has a black tongue and is full of sores. Mom said it was Bot flies that did it. I have never had this and I hope I don't they made a real mess of Oscar's back it's all sore and bleeding and now has to be sprayed with grey stuff twice a day. I later found out that Oscar had never been off his chain or out of a cage free in his life. He was very excited about the prospect of running free and eating properly instead of starving. Emmy told me this and told me I take it for granted because I nearly always had it but some  dogs don't and humans don't treat them properly. She told me Oscar was very ill treated and that's why he looks like he does. I began to cry. I am personally going to bite those people that did that to Oscar when I find out where they are. Emmy told me to be real nice to him because he deserves to have good friends and be loved just like me. So I am going to try and be friends with him. I am not allowed to play with him right now because he has stitches and sores all over. Here are some photos and you can all see I have been nice to him.

Here he is arriving. He looks quite happy about it.

Dad is getting him out of the cage.

Nicki was there too because she went to see the vet too

Here you can see what those awful humans did to him. He has been eating well for two weeks now and still is just a bag of bones. Mom is going to make him beautiful but not quite as beautiful as me.

He has a black tongue. He said it's normal when we all asked him why.

Dad made a new kennel for him and a new pink house for him. He liked that. He said he never had anything all his life the only thing that was his was a rusty old chain. He didn't have a house or a bed.

Dad showed him around.

Then Dad gave him his first taste of freedom to run.

He ran a lot. At first I had to encourage him so I ran around and around the compound shouting 'Come on Oscar run' he then got the idea and we both ran together. It was a miracle he was shouting at me 'I can run! I can run! and I barked back 'Faster Oscar! Faster! We had great fun and everyone barked. Even Oscar barked once. After that everyone came out to see what was going on. 

Guga and I had a chat with him .

Even Pebbles got up from under her blanket to have a look.

Meanwhile I have been practicing some Superstar moves. I am learning to dance too like John Travolta.

Mom says my nose is just like John Travolta's nose.

Me and Gemma chillin together.

and now me and my older friend Jessie.

We played in the sand for a while and made quite a mess.

and lastly some more of Oscar he deserves to be happy. Here he is waking up after his first night here.

He loves his pink house.


Critters Galore and so much More....... said...

Thank God, ya'll took in Oscar! What a handsome guy! And to finally get to run around. WOW!!! You are going to be a very good friend Joey. And we all think your nose is better looking than that actor fella's. Yep,much better!

chandra said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Oscar's homecoming story, Joey! You are doing a fabulous job with blog, I know Emmy is very proud of you. And wow, a huge thanks to Mom and Dad for rescuing Oscar and giving him the first family he's ever had. He's really hit the jackpot now and boy, does he deserve it!

-Auntie Chandra at Daley's Dog Years