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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Joey's New Moves

Hi!  I am back blogging. We have all been busy here. Mom has been fighting with the bank to make them hand over our prize money. It was supposed to be for fences here and other stuff, but they are being very awkward and now there is a possibility that the prize money will go back to Australia, which is where it came from because the ninety days is almost up. I personally would like to meet this bank manager and give him a piece of my mind in exchange for a piece of his butt. I have nice big new teeth just right for this. I also need to practice biting as I haven't done any of it so far. So, his arse would be a great place to start. Emmy is telling me off again I shouldn't have said 'arse' and now she made me say it again. I am still practising my superstar moves and have come up with some very good new moves. I have been using accessories for my routines too. This is a photo from my Arabian dance routine.

The Arab Sheik (me) has upset one of his camels and runs off to hide. They chase him back to his tent and then he disappears. I play this part so well. The routine never explains exactly what I did to make the camel so mad though. That bit is best not mentioned. Then when the camel gives up his search for me I break into a faster dance routine with all sorts of new moves.

Here I peek out to see if the camel has gone and he has.

Of course,  you all realise that I won't be taking a sofa on the dance floor with me. I will be using the actual dance floor. I practice here because it is more comfortable and Mom only has this one old sofa and she said I can't take it out with me when I start my Superstar career. She was very serious about that so I have to forget the sofa as a prop idea. Never mind John Travolta didn't have a sofa and he did alright without one and I have a much hairier chest than him too. I showed my routine to a few of the others. They loved it. Pluto laughed his socks off!

Oscar too except he wasn't wearing any socks!

Cassie had to lie down because she laughed so much.

It was hard to tell if Freddy was laughing or growling so I never made any comment.

Gracie came out to have a look

Then she just hid her face. I don't think she really appreciated all the effort I have put into this. 

Well in all I was pretty pleased with their reaction. Most of them were in awe. Guga and Pebbles couldn't be bothered to wake up and watch. It was a bit rude if you ask me.

I forgave them though because Guga is very old and Pebbles is ill. I had a visit during the week from Emmy to remind me not to be selfish and take up all the space on the sofa. She said I was squashing poor Pebbles. I moved and went to play with Gemma so Pebbles could be more comfortable.

  I am trying to be a better dog and have decided what I am going to buy Oscar for his birthday. I am going to get him some miracle wrinkle remover I saw for sale in town. The pack says it removes all wrinkles and deep wrinkles too. He has a serious problem with wrinkles for a dog so young.

Last weekend Mini got a new coat to sleep in and she got all tangled up in it during the night. When Mom and Dad put it on her I heard her saying 'No I don't want it please take it off'. Well Mom and Dad just can't understand our language and stupidly thought she would be warm and comfortable. It took her hours to get one leg out and the rest knotted around her. She was in a terrible mood after that.  Mom and Dad got the hint because they had to get up at 2am and unknot her from the coat.

During the week a Poodle with a broken leg arrived. She only stayed overnight and then went to get her leg mended. She has to have metal bits out in her leg to help it stick back together. Nobody knows what happened to her and she wouldn't speak to us. She was in a lot of pain. Mom was giving her medication for the pain all night. She is going to stay at a sanctuary for three months now because she isn't allowed to run. Then Mom and Dad will collect her and she is going to be adopted by the lady who found her.

Well Gemma and I are inseperable.

Gemma and I have a great time we run all over the house chasing each other.  I am so glad Emmy led her here to be with me and the others. Emmy is an Angel for sure. She can fly now too and she can see everything I do, which sometimes is not so good. If I need any advice she is there for me. She watches over Mom and Dad too. Don't forget to vote for me so I can really be a SuperStar. I am putting a lot of effort into my bid for fame. You can vote many times a day and every day so please keep voting. I am worth every vote.


1 comment:

Critters Galore and so much More....... said...

Well! We hope the people in Australia will understand that the bank manager is a ****%#***!!!!! And they will assist your Mom and Dad in getting the money somehow. The Aussie's are a pretty nice bunch from what we hear.
Everyone there looks happy and as healthy as can be with some of their ages and such. Some of us have issues like of that sort. And our Mama has been voting for you! Because you ARE A SUPERSTAR! Have fun and don't bite that guy. Listen to Emmy's good advice!
Wags and HUgs, Blossom and the gang