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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hope Went to the Rainbow Bridge

I couldn't blog for a while Mom was too busy and upset. Hope the paralyzed dog mom and dad rescued from a filthy pit died on Friday. She was very sick and Mom and Dad couldn't help her anymore. Emmy says she is doing fine at the rainbow bridge and can run faster than many others there now. I cried because she made me laugh. She had a good sense of humor and didn't mind my little jokes. Mom cried a lot. Emmy made a special journey back to try and help mom. Mom didn't know she was there but I did. Mom and Dad found Hope living like this.

She was covered in her own urine and feces and her face expresses the misery and discomfort from being burnt by urine and sore all over. She was extremely thin and lost all her fur on her rear end.

She was soon looking much better although the cancer couldn't be cured. She had two tumors removed but there were more and more growing. She was happy here.  

Here she was recovering from surgery

She smiled a lot.

This was her on Christmas day. It was a special Christmas for her. The first and only one with love.

Now she is gone and we all miss her. Emmy says she is free of all the health problems she had. Mom's friend Sarah did this beautiful painting of her so we will never forget the beautiful Hope who came into our lives briefly.

Hope we all loved you. 
Hope is there,

When I lay in the dirt
my back sore and bare..
you were there,

When I needed a hug
and someone to care..
you were there,

When I needed a savior
an angel on earth..
you were there,

When I couldn't walk another mile
when I'd long forgotten how to smile..
you were there,

When I hear you crying long into the night
when everything's wrong and nothing is right..
I am here,

When a days work never seems done
when your hands are sore from being wrung..
I am there,

When you miss my head upon your lap
when all the other dogs have their nap..
I'll be there,

When the storm winds blow
and the nights are so long..
please don't grieve for me..life goes on.

Although I'm at the bridge and out of sight
you'll hear my gentle paws on the floor at night,
I'll drop back and see you, when I'm strong
That's when you'll know 'Hope' lives on.

R.I.P Hope angel baby...run free in the fields of gold xxxx

Written by June Burden

We will be back tomorrow with part two of this blog. Mom's crying again so I have to go and comfort her. We have three new dogs which I will tell you about tomorrow. 


georgia little pea said...

She was happy for a while at least, and died with a family and friends who loved her. You guys did good.

Happy travels, Hope. Abracos forte para sua familia X

Anonymous said...

So beautiful. What a moving tribute. She was so lucky to have you, and her doggie brothers and sisters.

Foley Monster and Pocket said...

Your parents are so wonderful. They gave Hope a life she never would have had. Now she is running fast and free at the Bridge and she knows she was loved. Prayers for you all

Jan's Funny Farm said...

As hard as we know losing Hope has been for you, we are so happy her last weeks were spent with you and Carlos, being loved and cared for. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that she's passed away. I loved to see her pictures, she's so beautiful and looked truly happy and content. What a relief that she Experienced the love and care she deserved, albeit for a short time. Those dogs are blessed to have people like you and I'm glad about that.

Critters Galore and so much More....... said...

Ya'll gave her LOVE. Theres nothing more precious and important than that here on our Earth. And you'll be Blessed because of your kind and wonderful hearts. You know shes running around happy and smiling that gorgeous smile over on the other side of the Bridge! You cared for her and surrounded her in kindness so that she could make that journey in peace. I thank you all so very, very much for what you do for the animals that come your way. You're a beacon of Light in our sometimes dark world. Sending Healing for your Hearts and Blessings all around. Mae, Blossom, Jacob, Rory, Ahulee and all the cats