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Friday, May 24, 2013

Meg and Kipper and Henry

Well! on Monday I woke up extremely early and there was something going on in the house. Dad was getting ready to go out at the crack of dawn so I knew that it was an important day. I could smell excitement in the air. Dad took Meg and Kipper and left. Mom told me they were going to Canada. He went and picked up a friend and then they all went to the airport. Mom was extremely nervous about it all. At the airport they had quite a bit of paperwork to do and the Ministry of Agriculture vet was going to check them out. 

Here they are waiting whilst Dad attended the paperwork. They reached the airport at around midday. I wanted to go to but mum said I couldn't. When she said they were going to new families I changed my mind very quickly. She explained that it was better for them and they would be having a lot of fun and that there are too many dogs here to all live in the house like the ten of us. They need families to love them. 

Meg waited patiently and didn't really know what was going on.

Kipper was very puzzled too.

Then Kipper got put in his new crate (a special one for flying) I didn't know dogs could fly but Mom said he flew to Canada. he must have hidden wings and special powers.

Meg had a huge green crate. She can fly too. Emmy can also fly. I wish I could.

They had one last meal on Brazilian soil then they were checked for space in their crates and health.

They had special water bottles, pee pads, and food with them.

Meg said Goodbye. Going to miss her. She woke me up every morning crying for a pee. I am still wondering how they both flew. I think they used their ears. Dougal could do a round the world trip if I am right.

He is still waiting for some nice people to come along and fly home to them. He has really good wings.

Then Dad had to say 'goodbye'. He was sad to see them go. The journey took 48 hours in the end as the flying was delayed for some reason and Mom nearly went hysterical with worry. We all waited up until the early hours of Wednesday morning to hear that they were okay. Mom cried Dad cheered and I want to know how they can fly. Then we got some pictures of them in the place called Canada. 

This is Meg being her friendly self a few seconds after she was released from customs. Not sure what that meant but Mom was so happy. She is with her new Mom called Jules here and they got on well straight away. 

Here is Kipper with his new dad. His name is Brent and he drove seven hours to collect Kipper from where he landed. I don't know why he landed seven hours away. I guess his radar system doesn't work to well.

Meg has new friends now.

She has loads of new toys. She watches TV we have never seen that. She ate some steak and travelled through the rocky mountains. She saw a bear.

She saw this bear and a real one.

Kipper got a new home with some real good humans too. he even got some little humans that like to play. I am tired now so I will tell you about Henry tomorrow. Does anyone know how I can learn to fly.


Foley Monster and Pocket said...

Such a wonderful story. I am so glad your friends got new homes. I know you will miss them. Give your parents a big kiss for me.

Anonymous said...

Hello this is Meg..I am enjoying my life here..I have a new Mommy and Daddy, two sisters, Grandma and Mr B the cat..we are all getting on famously..I am very happy and have been on some trips..Today i got ham and beef and a lil bit of icecream..I have settled...I also learnt to get up stairs and down stairs today...Life has been full of sniffs and smells everywhere and i understand Mom and Dad have bought a new ranch..I am looking forard to my life in Canada and I will keep you updated of my adventures as ell as keeping in touch with my friend Kipper xx Lots of Love Meg xx

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Such a long trip. So glad they made it safely and now have happy forever homes.