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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Hi Everyone! It's me Joey earning my keep. Mom makes me blog for my biscuits. She buys biscuits by boxes of 24 packets at a time. I don't eat them all myself but sure would like to. Mom's been busy but that's normal here. She took Trooper and Sol for eye surgeries. They both had cysts growing on their eyelids. Luckily mom said neither of the removed cysts were malignant. I didn't know what that meant, but if they were lucky then that's okay with me. I would miss Trooper and Sol if anything happened to them. We have been through a lot together. We all have moved houses four times with mom and dad. We have known each other many years and seen so many dogs come and go. Little Fat Sol is old now and Trooper too. They are both older than I am. I am now seven human years old. Mom still calls me 'her baby'. 
Since my last blog some more dogs came here first was a white dog with a small black puppy. She told us it was her puppy. She also told us she was thrown out because she had puppies. Someone took her other puppy in the street whilst she wasn't looking. The little black puppy managed to stay with her mom until my mom and dad found them. The white mother told the little black puppy to look at my mom and implore her to take them both off the streets before someone stole her other pup and left her out on the streets alone. The pup did well and Mom and Dad picked them up and put them in the car to bring them home. Here she is doing her big eyes "Please take me home with you face".  

The mom is now called Sprinkles. Here she is on the way home.

The black puppy is now called Wilma. 

Wilma grows like Bamboo. She is a sweet puppy and does everything her mom tells her to do. Susie and Jasper (two of the 18 puppies born here ) moved to a new kennel. They all had to be separated as the silly puppies were always fighting. I never had puppy siblings so I don't know why the were fighting. Mom said it's normal and even human puppies fight.

Clark and Eve are going on a long trips shortly to the USA. When dogs go there we only ever see them in pictures after they leave. Mom assured me that my girl Gemma won't be going. It would surely break my heart if Gemma went away and never came back. They both had their hair done ready for their trips.


I am lucky my fur is maintenance free. This is very fortunate for me because I hate baths. I struggle all the way through the bath to make them stop. Then after that mom heard about two dogs that were dumped a few days before. They attacked a chicken and one was beaten to death. That frightened me as I love chicken a lot and if I didn't have a home with mom and dad I would want to eat chicken and there are humans that kill dogs for that. The second dog that was with the dog that got killed got stabbed in the stomach. That same day someone turned up at the gate here with her. Part of her stomach was coming out of the wound. She already had something mom said was necrosis and had to go to the vet clinic in a hurry. 

In this picture she is happy to have been cleaned and stitched up. It was taken a few days after the surgery. Her name is Sophie now.

Then after saving Sophie something terrible happened. Mom and Dad feed some street dogs and one was called 'Thor'. He had been living in the street for many years and then the woman that used to feed him left and didn't take him with her, so mom and dad started to feed him. He knew exactly what time his food would arrive and always waited for it. Then he wasn't there for a few days and next time we saw him he was dying in the street. Mom and dad rushed him to the clinic where he died the next day of some type of poison. We all cried and thanked our canine God that we are safe inside here. Mom tries her best but there are too many street dogs out there and 129 of us in here. She cannot support more as she doesn't have the money that we all cost. The house has twenty dogs living in it. The garden has kennels all over. We always thought someone rich would turn up to help mom with the costs. Every week I watch mom fretting about paying bills.

RIP Thor

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