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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Canine Superstar (That's Me)

Hi! I am now a Canine Superstar and have 162 votes so far. Mom has made a portfolio of my best shots which I am going to post her for you all to admire. Everybody says I am sooo cute. I am too! My best feature is my snout followed by my belly.

I have been studying Super model poses and think I am doing quite well. I told Emmy she just laughed and kissed my head. I learnt to cutely wrinkly my nose and I think the humans really like it. If, I win the competition I will give the prize money to my mom because I don't need money. I just need food and squeaky balls, toys and lots of love and  I am happy.  I have been very nice to Pebbles after Emmy told me off. Pebbles is much better now.

 I am sharing my sofa equally with her. It's proportional because I am bigger. I showed her my beautiful belly to cheer her up. She smiled at me.

This is the beautiful photo of me that Mom put in the competition. If you all want to vote for me the link is above at the top of the page.

and another one of a budding Super star.

Pebbles is right behind me in my quest for a new profession and can't wait for me to go on the world tour. She said the sofa would be much more comfortable without me.

Meanwhile I have been using my charms to get closer to Gemma and I managed to share a bed with her. She really is getting to like me a lot. I knew she would in the end. She couldn't resist.

Mom said I should show some of the others so here is a dog with a bad haircut.

She has a kinda cute face under all that hair but she looks like a mop. She needs some lessons in grooming so she can present a Super model image like me.

Here is Panda and she is way too old to be a Supermodel

and here is Tasha sitting by the sand. Tasha is quite cute but not as cute as me.

Her pink house got finished and she was happy about that. We all live in pink houses even mom and dad.

Pebbles and Gemma together.

I am still letting Pebbles abuse me.

Sol laughed about that. I make everyone here laugh.

Mom and Dad will be collecting Oscar this week. Dad was working on his pink house today. We all can't wait to meet him. Mom told me to tell you all to donate, or send blankets, or any other dog stuff we can use. Especially squeaky balls for me. When I am famous I will be available for autographs and guest appearances so contact me now as there will be a queue.

Monday, July 23, 2012


I am first blogging today about my invisible Angel friend Emmy. She is watching over us all here. Sarah Dowson http://www.sarahspetportraits.com/ donated a beautiful portrait of Emmy. Mom will be framing it so she can remember Emmy's face every day.I liked it too. I don't need a potrait to remember Emmy because I see her every day. She helps me with advice and tells me about growing up. Here is the portrait

She was a beautiful looking dog and everyone still misses her a lot. She is helping Mom and Dad to find the most urgent rescues. That is her mission in Heaven until Mom and Dad get there and then she will retire and play with them for eternity. At least that's what she told me. Well! on Sunday I broke my squeaky ball and Mom had to give me the last one because I get insecure without a squeaky ball in my mouth all the time and then feel compelled to eat hairbrushes and other stuff. So it's best I stick to my squeaky ball until Mom isn't looking then I can steal some other more exciting stuff to chew on. We are all preparing for Oscar the chained dog to arrive. He is still at the vet clinic. Dad visited him when he went to collect Gemma after her surgery. 

He still doesn't look so good after what those humans did to him. Mom says he will be beautiful soon but obviously never as beautiful as I am. Now that would be impossible. I will be a supermodel soon.


He liked Gemma, but I will be telling him very firmly that Gemma is my girlfriend. I saw her first! Dad took a video of Gemma screaming with excitement when he went to collect her from the vet clinic.

She got so excited she caused a real scandal. She was desperate to come home and see me. I have been working on my charming personality and thinking up new and exciting ways to impress the fur ladies. I decided to practice my charms on some of them here. First I dressed up as an Arab Sheik. I looked very handsome. Emmy said I looked like a foolish dog wearing a sofa cover, but then again what does she know? Guga laughed at me, I think he is losing it and going a bit senile. I looked devastatingly handsome.  

I then hid under a blanket to see if I was invisible. Pebbles didn't notice me so I think I have perfected that trick too.

She has been feeling better lately and has been sunbathing.

I went to speak to Jessie about my plans for the future with Gemma.

All she did was yawn. She didn't even respond. How rude!

Guga went o lay in the sun too. Seems like they all prefer the sun to me.

Then I decided to help with some carpentry when dad was making Oscar's new kennel. He was so glad I helped him.

Here is Oscar's kennel. We all walked over the wet cement and signed our names. Dad was really pleased.

We designed a real nice floor pattern for Oscar and Dad thanked us all. Trooper also did some sunbathing.

Well that is it for today. I have to go and help Mom and Dad. They are probably waiting for me right now. 


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oscar the Chained Dog

Mom and Dad have been running around like crazy this week and mom only played ball with me twice. It has also been raining non stop which also ruins my games. I tried to play ball indoors but there isn't enough space. I just chewed up mom's hairbrush so she isn't too pleased with me right now. I stole it from a cupboard and had a little chew and then left it on the bed and Jessie finished it off for me. Gemma had surgery so she can't have puppies. I was upset about this because I had plans for when I grow up but looks like my plans have been scuppered. Gemma screamed when dad left her at the vet clinic.

Here is Oscar arriving at the vet clinic.

He was not only starving he had well over 70 Bot fly larvae in him. he was in terrible pain and irritation from this.

Dr Andre had to shave all parts of him to remove them all and the poor guy even had one in his testicles. I cried about this. His face looked sad whilst he had to endure over an hour of treatment for the Bot fly larvae.

During his treatment he decided to give Dr Andre a kiss. I think he realised Mom and Dad and Dr Andre were all trying to help him. Since I saw this I run if I see these horrid flies. I don't want one in my privates.

Some humans are really bad and they left Oscar to get ill like this and they starved him as well. Mom knows this because they had exams done and he doesn't have any diseases. He just has anemia. Dr Andre said he needs to gain at least 10 kilos in weight or 22lbs because he is very very thin. The family could see him starving from their window, but still they didn't feed him. He will be well soon.

Well Mom and Dad have had a horrible month. Freddy and Trooper still have kennel cough. Pebbles is poorly. She was doing fine until she got the kennel cough. Now she is very down. Here is something to cheer you up. Me! Don't I look great.

Mom is going to enter a contest with my photos so I can become a super model like the Brazilian lady Gisele Bunchen. I will be different though I will help my fellow dogs in Brazil and I am prettier than her too.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Help Us to Save This Guy

Mom told me to put out an SOS for funds to save this guy. He is chained near where we live and the owner doesn't want him anymore.

This guy needs help. He is depressed his head is down. He has no shelter or bed. He has a bad eye and sores on his body apart from the very obvious malnutrition. Please help us to bring this boy in. The owner doesn't want him and we have two or three day max to sort out living accomodation for him here. Mom cried when she saw this. He spent his life on a chain in misery. He deserves better please help Mom and Dad to help this guy.  

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kennel Cough

Hi I am back. I had kennel cough! First time I have ever been ill and it was awful. I coughed and coughed and coughed and I vomited everywhere. Then everybody got all but I started it. I was the first one so that's something unique that only I can lay claim to. All the other eight followed. Nine of us have had it up until today. It's called kennel cough although most of us that got it so far live in a house. That's strange isn't it. Mom got a cough to. I thought she was going to start barking soon. She is almost better now too. We all had to take antibiotic pills and mom had to spend a fortune because we were taking 32 pills per day between us all.

Gemma  was very ill and poor Pebbles has it as well. Guga also had it but the strong old warrior got over it quickly. Mom is hoping there are no more new victims of this virus and that it has run it's course. Now for some photos of us this week. Remember I told you all I am not going to be so selfish in future well here I am with poor Pebbles and I let her lay her head on my back.

Here is Guga and Gemma and Pebbles. Guga likes Gemma too. We invited her to join the gang. So now there are four in our gang. Misty, nIcki and Jessie don't want to be gang members. They said we are a gang of dimwits because we spend our day pretend fighting and playing ball. I guess they have no sense of fun for some reason.  

Pebbles has been much better since she got her medication. She chased a butterfly this week and has been coming outside with us to play. She is still very thin because she is still not eating properly but she is eating a lot more. She looks a lot brighter and dad took her out for a ride in the car. She loved that. They always take me out in the car because of my destructive habits. I realise it's good to destroy the house because if you do you get rewarded by constant car rides. I went out on two long journeys this week and loads of humans came to say 'hello' and give me a stroke. They just can't resist me. I heard the guy in the car park ask Dad if he could borrow me because all the ladies came over to see me. It's great being irresistible.

I took this picture. I told Guga to smile and the silly old man stuck his tongue out at me. I guess it's his age.

I had to put the camera down and go and have a word in his ear.

I have been teaching Gemma a few of my special tricks. One is how to climb on Guga's back. she is a good student

I also have taught her how to sleep in Mom and Dad's bed. She took a while to work up the courage but last night she took the plunge and slept there all night despite Misty and Jessie being in the room.

Mom fell in love with a shaggy street dog this week. Looks like he has a bad hair cut to me!

Tasha is still waiting for her house Mom and Dad went on two real long journeys, Of course I went to we were hunting something called Sun Super money and had to fiight the Banco Brasil in order to get it. Apparently we haven't got it yet.  

Here is Trooper he has so far escaped the kennel cough.